Some Quick Links

  • Artigo em suporte da E2EE (Abril 2024)
  • Presentation: Crypto Wars (April 2024)
  • Presentation: Can we repair the Internet? (April 2024)
  • Presentation: The Portuguese Internet Observatory (April 2023)
  • On the Sender Party Pays - Position paper sent to the EU Comission (May 2023)
  • Presentation: On the Sender Party Pays (April 2023)
  • Presentation: Is it Possible to Extend the Internet Architecture in an Open Way? (November 2021)
  • Internet principles 40 years later (in Portuguese) - lição de jubilação (October 2021) and the supporting slides.
  • Relatório: Diagnóstico do estado de adoçao de normas de segurança na Internet portuguesa (Abril 2021)
  • Book: Computer Networks Fundamentals (in Portuguese).
  • CNSS - A simulator to help the understanding of computer networks and a set of exercises prepared to use it.
  • How the Internet was born in Portugal (in Portuguese).
  • A podcast on the same subject - 22/11/2021 (in Portuguese).
  • An extensive coverage of this subject, 30 years later, in newspaper Público - 26/12/2021 (in Portuguese).
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